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My story.


A love story with many things.

It all started with a passion for two things.

First, Christian grew up into a community of car aficionados, bikers and rally drivers. From getting his head shaken in the backseat of a heavily modified VW Golf when he was a baby, to cleaning the windows of a participant in the 24h of Nürburgring. There was no way he would not get involved with wheels.

Second, Games, movies and TV series made Christian look beyond his home turf Germany, particularly to Japan, Korea and Hongkong. Enchanted by the Japanese language, people and culture after an exchange to the Japanese countryside, he knew needed to dive into it more.


Combining a talent for languages, creativity and deep empathy for people, he set out to study the culture as well as marketing and communications in Japan, which led him to take on his first 'real' job in qualitative research in Japan. Missing the opportunity to work with cars, he then joined Nissan's global marketing team where he co-shaped product strategies and concepts for markets worldwide.

Driven by the wish to never stop learning and improve his 'takumi', his craft, he pursued an MBA, which brought him to Italy and Singapore. He further focused on brand and strategy as his forté, working for Prophet Brand Strategy, Interbrand and as independent consultant for world-renowned brands.

Not losing an eye on automotive and Japanese and Asian clients, Christian has most recently been leading projects in brand strategy for numerous global car companies and leading service design, UX and innovation efforts for Japanese clients across industries. 

Always inspired to make a positive difference for his clients, his sense of empathy, built by his roots in qualitative research, and track record in consulting, he strives to open his client's eyes to strategies and paths that excite and facilitate growth beyond the obvious.


Senior Freelance Strategist since 2020

Past Associate Director for Interbrand

Past Engagement Manager in Training for Prophet

Past Global Marketing Specialist at Nissan Motor Company

Graduated MBA from SDA Bocconi

Graduated BA in Asian Studies from University of Bonn

Past DAAD Scholarship student at Waseda University


  • MBA

  • Japanese - JLPT N1

  • Bauhaus University Summer School - Design Elements

  • Innovation Radicals - Design Thinking Course

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